Air Conditioning Installation

Call us to discuss your air-conditioning requirements. During your free quote we will discuss your needs in detail and provide several options:

Split system

This is a single unit, ideal for cooling or heating one room.

Multi split system

Multi split system (multiple rooms off one outdoor unit). Perfect outdoor space saver!


A ducted air-conditioning system is installed in the ceiling or under floor with a series of ducts moving conditioned air to different rooms in your house. You can control which rooms are on via zones.

Airconditioning maintenance

Maintenance identifies current and hidden issues you may not be aware of. This could be causing your system to strain itself causing system wear or complete failure. If your system is not running at 100% this can add to you power bill. We recommend annual maintenance, and most manufactures need proof of maintenance for warranty.
  • Check system operating pressures
  • Clean filters
  • Check all electrical connections
  • Check and unblock drains
  • Check coils for build up additional for ducted systems
  • Check ductwork and zoning
  • Check air supply at all diffusers

*Price is for annual maintenance and does not include extra materials if needed.

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